How to Make a Reliable Password

According to news reports and experts, strong passwords can be comprised of letters, numbers, symbols or any combination thereof. But the key thing is that they need to be remembered easily. An easy clue can make your password easy for you, but difficult for others. The clue may be your loved one’s name, a lucky digit, favorite food or even a favorite movie. Here, problem may arise and experts advise that common phrases can be easy to hack. A safe and secured password would more than likely be the combination of all three: letters, numbers and symbols. An example of an excellent password you can easily use is Apple@09 or Pluto#12. If you see that your password must be a case sensitive, you can confuse hackers with jumbled casings used throughout your password. Hint: Don’t use any of the above examples as actual passwords. Now that they have been widely published, hackers could add them to their lists.

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