I-5 Accidents Caused by Hailstorm

Several accidents that have happened on both southbound and northbound lanes of the Interstate 5 in Washington were reportedly caused by a hailstorm.

The accidents occurred last Sunday and no injuries were reported so far, according to the news. The authorities worked hard to clear up the road in a timely manner but motorists were advised they should stay away from the freeway while crews cleared up the thick hail that covered the Interstate.

As a Vancouver personal injury lawyer, I hope that nobody was severely injured as a result of the accidents that were caused because of the storm. I encourage you as a driver to keep it in mind that being involved in accidents can be quite stressful and that you can always count on the support of a professional personal injury attorney in your area.

Never delay in calling one you trust as soon as you need it since you may be entitled to a monetary compensation as a result of the accident.