Kawasaki Utility Vehicles Recalled over Fire Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has decided to issue the recall notice published by Kawasaki Motors Corporation in the agency’s website so more consumers would be able to learn about this vehicle recall.

According to the news, the MULE 600, MULE 610 4×4 and MULE 610 4×4 XC vehicles are being recalled over a problem with the items’ fuel tube that could cause the cleaner housing inside the engine to develop holes and lead to a fire.

As a kirkland personal injury lawyer, I urge you to respond to this recall notice immediately. If you or a loved one own one of the units of the recalled models previously mentioned in this article, you should refrain from using the vehicle in question and contact the company at once.

Whenever you’re injured through the use of a recalled vehicle or product, you may want to consider contacting an attorney who’s familiar with this type of problem to guide you through the legal process.

I-5 Accidents Caused by Hailstorm

Several accidents that have happened on both southbound and northbound lanes of the Interstate 5 in Washington were reportedly caused by a hailstorm.

The accidents occurred last Sunday and no injuries were reported so far, according to the news. The authorities worked hard to clear up the road in a timely manner but motorists were advised they should stay away from the freeway while crews cleared up the thick hail that covered the Interstate.

As a Vancouver personal injury lawyer, I hope that nobody was severely injured as a result of the accidents that were caused because of the storm. I encourage you as a driver to keep it in mind that being involved in accidents can be quite stressful and that you can always count on the support of a professional personal injury attorney in your area.

Never delay in calling one you trust as soon as you need it since you may be entitled to a monetary compensation as a result of the accident.

CPSC Announces New Award for Excellence

According to news reports, a new award for contributions toward consumer product safety was recently announced by the chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The Chairman’s Circle of Commendation Award honors individuals or organizations whose work directly improves product safety by preventing deaths and  injuries for the public. The recipients of this award include, Consumer Reports, and its policy and advocacy division, Consumers Union, ASTM Subcommittee F15.18, Nancy Cowles, Gary Smith and Gene Rider. Each has, in their own way, pushed the envelope with safety innovations, advocacy, or product testing.

As an Olympia personal injury attorney, I know the importance of monitoring product safety after having witnessed the extent of the injuries that can result from the use of defective products. If you have been injured through the use of a defective product, it may be in your best interests to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area to discuss your rights as a consumer and the possible legal avenues that may be available to you.

How to Make a Reliable Password

According to news reports and experts, strong passwords can be comprised of letters, numbers, symbols or any combination thereof. But the key thing is that they need to be remembered easily. An easy clue can make your password easy for you, but difficult for others. The clue may be your loved one’s name, a lucky digit, favorite food or even a favorite movie. Here, problem may arise and experts advise that common phrases can be easy to hack. A safe and secured password would more than likely be the combination of all three: letters, numbers and symbols. An example of an excellent password you can easily use is Apple@09 or Pluto#12. If you see that your password must be a case sensitive, you can confuse hackers with jumbled casings used throughout your password. Hint: Don’t use any of the above examples as actual passwords. Now that they have been widely published, hackers could add them to their lists.

As an Everett personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen the tragic results of identity theft and understand the feelings of violation and how hard it can be to get your life back on track after a hacker has wreaked havoc with your identity. If you have suffered because of the theft of your identity, it may be in your interests to consult a personal injury lawyer experienced in handling these matters.