Washington Foodborne Illness Lawyers

Foodborne illness and diseases are an enormous problem in the United States, despite our collective obsession with anti-bacterial soaps, our robust food production and distribution networks, and our well-funded medical infrastructure.

Foodborne illnesses can be classified into two types. So called food infections occur when viruses, bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens harm the body harm after being ingested in food. Food-related intoxication, on the other hand, can occur even in the absence of pathogens and can result from, for instance, heavy metal contamination.

Each year, more than 75 million Americans get sick with foodborne illnesses. The consequences can range from mild discomfort to death. On average around 5,000 people die in this country, and more than 320,000 get hospitalized. Bear in mind that these statistics (compiled by the CDC and other food safety organizations) describe “normal” years, when there are no outbreaks or mass contaminations. In the mid ’90s, by contrast, a salmonella outbreak sent an additional 220,000 people to the hospital.

The costs associated are also staggering. Estimates suggest that $30 billion to $35 billion a year are lost to the US economy due to lost work time/productivity and healthcare costs associated with food illnesses.

Here at WashingtonFoodborneIllnessAttorneys.com, we have compiled some resources to help you understand the subject in greater detail. By learning how food recalls work and identifying some common symptoms and causes of foodborne illnesses, you can take more effective steps to improve your health and prevent recurring food safety problems.

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